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Best 4k Tv Converter
Our list of the best 4k tv converter consists of products that can be found at marketplace. This online marketplace is great for buying all kinds of goods since it has a convenient interface and offers many user reviews.

People who are looking for good 4k tv converter should find our article very helpful. It contains all the needed information about existing 4k tv converter model, as well as buying tips for beginners and the TOP list of the best products.

Top 5 of 4k Tv Converter of 2018

Rating Image Name and Features Details
Orei Xd-940 Rca S-video To Ntsc 4k Hdmi 50 60 Hz Multi-system Digital Audio Video Converter 1. Orei Xd-940 Rca S-video To Ntsc 4k Hdmi 50 60 Hz Multi-system Digital Audio Video Converter
Support up-scaling output resolution upto 4k.
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Xf Times 4k Hdmi To Ypbpr Component 5rca V1.4 Rgb Converter 2. Xf Times 4k Hdmi To Ypbpr Component 5rca V1.4 Rgb Converter (Best Classic Design)
Compliant with hdmi v1.4, this means support hdcp 1.
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Volantech Component Ypbpr Rgb To Hdmi 4k Converter 3. Volantech Component Ypbpr Rgb To Hdmi 4k Converter
Display component video sources to your hdmi hdtvs and a/v receivers.
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HDMI Switch Box 4. HDMI Switch Box
Two way manual hdmi switch with 2 led & display working port.
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ZISO 4K HDMI 2.0 Switcher 5. ZISO 4K HDMI 2.0 Switcher (Excellent Warranty Policies)
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100-240 50/60 hz auto switching power supply for use anywhere in the world. Specially designed to work with any analog source like satellite receivers, cables boxes other devices with no hdmi connection. Built-in time base correction (t. Change rca composite or s-video to hdmi converter – automatically convert signals from pal or ntsc analog to ntsc digital. Support up-scaling output resolution upto 4k.


World wide power supply
Specially designed
Support up-scaling output resolution up
Built-in time base correction
Change rca composite or s-video
I could not find a single drawback.


№ 2. Xf Times 4k Hdmi To Ypbpr Component 5rca V1.4 Rgb Converter Adapter and R L Audio Output for Macbook Apple Tv Amazon Fire Tv Blu-ray Dvd Ps4 Xbox Etc.

Support hdmi input resolution: 4k/30hz 1080p/60hz.1080i/60hz.720p/60hz.576p/60hz.576i/60hz.480p/60hz.480i/60hz; support ypbpr component output: 1080p/60hz.1080i/60hz.720p/60hz.720i/60hz.480p/60hz.480i/60hz. Supports165mhz/1.65gbps per channel (6.75gbps all channel) bandwidth for hdmi input. 4k hdmi to ypbpr converter adapter converts hdmi input signal into analog ypbpr video and r/l audio signal output. Install in seconds, no need of settings. Compliant with hdmi v1.4, this means support hdcp 1. It allows you to enjoy your high definition movies and games on the older component tv’s or projectors that don’t have an hdmi input. Supports uncompressed 2 channel audio such as lpcm. This product is a 4k hdmi to ypbpr component converter, not ypbpr component to hdmi converter, it does not work in the opposite direction, and is not a bi-directional converter adapter.

Hdmi to ypbpr 4k 1080p scaler compatible with the nintendo switch/ macbook / ps3 / ps4 / ps4 pro / apple tv / roku / amazon fire tv / blu-ray dvd / hd projectors / xbox 360 / xbox one /dvb receiver/ game console etc.


Support hdmi input resolution
This product is a 4k hdmi
It stopped working after three months of use.

What exactly I should pay my special attention to when choosing a 4k tv converter?

One of the most important factor of any 4k tv converter is its material. It has to be durable and easy to clean. If you want to find a 4k tv converter that will serve you for many years, you will have to buy an expensive model made out of the best materials.


№ 3. Volantech Component Ypbpr Rgb To Hdmi 4k Converter V1.4 Support Ps3, Dvd, Xbox 360 to Hdtv, Monitor and Projector

Use friendly, install in seconds, no need of setting, it can not be reverse to use. If you encounter product quality problems, please first inform USA that you will be compensated within 24 hours. Display component video sources to your hdmi hdtvs and a/v receivers. Component video resolutions supported: 480i/p(60hz).576i/p(50hz).720p(50/60hz).1080i/p(50/60hz). Supports hdmi output: 720p/60hz.1080p/60hz. This ypbpr to 4k hdmi converter into analog ypbpr video and r/l audio signal output, enables you to connect your old dvd players and sat boxes as well as consoles such as xbox 360 and wii to your new hdmi display. Converts component and analogue audio signals into a hdmi signal. This is a ypbpr component 5rca rgb to 4k hdmi converter. If you use it wrong, you cann’t get any signal.

Compliant with hdmi v1.4, it supports hdcp 1. It allows older analog devices to be integrated seamlessly into the modern home theater and users to enjoy larger images and videos on the monitors they need.


Display component video sources
Converts component
Use friendly
It is too easy to scratch.


№ 4. HDMI Switch Box, Beboncool 2 Ports Bi-direction Hdmi Splitter Hdmi Hub Extender with Manual Switch 2 X 1 1 X 2 Hdmi Adapter Supports Ultra Hd 4k 3d 1080p

Hdmi bi-direction extension: hdmi splitter 1 in 2 out / hdmi splitter 2 in 1 out bi-direction hdmi switch is easily install & operate. Connect two hdmi sources to one hdmi display or connect one hdmi source to toggle between two displays. Press the switch button to change the hdmi signal for your devices. Compatibility: hdmi splitter switch supports 3d.1080p.4k x 2k resolution and hd audio. Suitable for computer, notebook, xbox 360, xbox one, ps3, ps4, projectors, dvb receivers, hd-ready or full hd tvs, blu-ray dvd, etc. Long distance transmission: hdmi adapter supports high bandwidth 3.4gbps data transmission. Both the output and input are up to 5metres awg26 hdmi standard cable length. Manual switch box: two way manual hdmi switch with 2 led & display working port. Blue led indicates working port. Please note hdmi cables are not included.

High-quality hdmi converter box: high-quality polished metal and corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors making it less susceptible to outside interference. Support the 15ma operation current. Full compliance with the hdmi connector specification v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3, v1. Hdmi switch support hdmi 1.4v, hdcp 1.4, full hd.3d.4k 30hz/ultra hd hdmi 4k x 2k.


Manual switch box
High-quality hdmi converter box
Long distance transmission
Hdmi bi-direction extension
Not suitable for regions with long winters.

What should be the warranty period for a good 4k tv converter?

We highly recommend you to buy 4k tv converterfrom brands that offer prolonged warranty. If something goes wrong and your 4k tv converter breaks down, you will be able to repair it without spending a single penny. Most companies offer a two-year warranty for their products.


№ 5. ZISO 4K HDMI 2.0 Switcher, 5 In 1 Out, 5 Port Hdmi Switch with Ir Wireless Remote, Quality 4k 60hz 4:4:4 Hdr Hdcp2.2 3d (hd-sw5a)

Supports 4k resolution / 60 hz (4: 4: signal, – supports 4k resolution / 60 hz (4: 4: signal, hdr video source also switched. 4k2k (maximum 4096 2160), corresponding to input and output of 60 hz video. If there is one 4k compatible hdmi input on the tv side.4k images of all the devices connected to this product can be displayed as it is. Moreover, it is possible to switch the video source of ultra high-definition technology “hdr (high dynamic range imaging)”. Main features, – 5 in 1 hdmi 2.0 switcher, this product is an hdmi selector equipped with 5 inputs and 1 output. Up to five hdmi output devices and one tv can be connected, and the image of the port selected by the user is output to the tv. When the number of hdmi equipment such as recorder, game machine, personal computer and so on increases and the input terminal of tv becomes insufficient, adding this product allows you to share one hdmi input terminal with multiple hdmi devices. Selection method, – this product can switch the selection port from the place where it is separated by the attached infrared remote control other than the switching button of the main unit. When using the remote control, it is only necessary to install it in a place where only the light receiving unit attached is visible, and there is no need to worry about the arrangement of the main unit., make sure your hdmi cable conforms to the hdmi 2.0 specification.

Provide 30 days money-back & 12-month worry-free. Automatic switching of ports, – automatic switching of ports when the equipment is turned on. When the power of the hdmi equipment turns on, the automatic switching function which the selected port automatically switches is adopted. Stable operation by external power supply drive. An ac adapter is attached to this product. Stable transmission can be performed even with high resolution, high frame rate data by supplying external power supply.


Selection method
Supports 4k resolution / 60 hz
Automatic switching
Main features
Beginners will not be able to assemble it by themselves.

How did you create this rating list with the best 4k tv converter?

We sincerely wanted to help our readers, so our team spent many hours comparing various 4k tv converterfrom different manufacturers. It was not easy, since we had to find a way to include both cheap and expensive 4k tv converterin our rating list. That is why we decided to make the price/quality ratio the determining factor. No matter what your budget is, you can use our guide to choose the best 4k tv converter in the preferred price category.

How to get a refund for a 4k tv converter?

If you receive a wrong or a broken 4k tv converter, seller will oblige the seller to return your money or send you a replacement. There is no need to worry about refunds anymore thanks to the amazing customer-friendly policy!

Should I get a 4k tv converter with a lifetime warranty?

Companies that make 4k tv converteroffer all kinds of warranties for any taste. Usually, cheap models have only a 6-month warranty or do not have it at all. Average users recommend choosing a 4k tv converter with a two-year warranty, but we believe that the five-year warranty is much better and safer. At the same time, our team would not recommend you to buy models with a lifetime warranty since the vast majority of them is significantly overpriced.

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